AirPods battery replacement.
Enjoy their full life span.

Tired of your fast-discharging AirPods?

The first battery replacement program for Apple AirPods in EU.

This is what we do!

changing the battery in airpods

How does it work?

book an exchange

Order a replacement

Determine the generation of your headphones. You can do this here.

send us your headphones

Send us your AirPods

Ship your AirPods requiring battery replacement.

pick it up and enjoy

Pick it up and enjoy!

We will ship you a pair of Apple AirPods with a new battery within 1-2 business days.

high quality batteries

High-quality batteries

Our batteries have the same performance as the factory batteries in Apple AirPods. Enjoy the same durability as the day you bought your headphones new.

disinfection and cleaning for your satisfaction


All AirPods undergo extensive cleaning, medical solution treatment and industrial grade disinfection.

90 day warranty

90-day warranty

All of our battery replacement services come with a 90-day warranty.

The first AirPods battery replacement program

Replace them with a pair from us with a new battery!

You will be able to enjoy your headphones anew within a few days.

Enjoy the music anew

Thanks to us, you won't have to recharge your AirPods every now and then anymore.

Enjoy uninterrupted use for up to 4 hours.

Why else is it worth using?

More than 100 million AirPods have been sold worldwide.
They are extremely difficult to dispose of.
Replace your headphones and protect the environment!

replace your headphones and protect the environment