General questions

  • Place an online order for the AirPods you want to replace (1st or 2nd generation);
  • Send us your used AirPods;
  • When we receive your AirPods, we will replace them with a sterile pair of AirPods with a new battery and send them back to you;
  • We will disinfect your AirPods, replace the battery and use them as replacement Doctor Pods for another customer.

AirPods replacement does not include the case. We only replace the AirPods earphones. If the AirPods charging case is damaged replacement will not improve AirPods performance.

We can only repair issues related to the battery and lack of connectivity resulting from the AirPods battery condition. If your AirPods have non-battery related issues (such as noise or water damage) and are not eligible for replacement. We will gladly recycle them on your behalf. Contact us.

The batteries we use are similar in performance and life to original Apple batteries. We conducted independent and thorough testing using specialized battery diagnostic equipment to determine if these batteries are comparable to original Apple batteries.

Yes, we have found a solution to this problem using specially developed hardware, we are proud to replace the battery to keep your AirPods headphones working the same as the day you bought them.

No, you will receive a pair of original AirPods headphones that have undergone battery replacement, cleaning, and sanitizing.

We do not currently offer individual replacements. In our experience, when one side has a battery problem, the battery in the other AirPod will have a similar problem soon.

We'll take them to the lab, replace the battery and give them an advanced cleaning, then find another Doctor Pods user for them.

We do not currently offer any services for AirPods Pro.

The AirPods you receive may show some subtle scratches and other imperfections, but no more than those resulting from normal use. Each AirPod is cleaned with medical-grade solutions and shipped in no-touch packaging so that your new AirPods are as sterile as the day you bought them.

Yes, you can - under condition you cancel order within 14 days of receiving your AirPods and send them back in an unopened container with the seal intact.

Shipping and delivery

We ship within the European Union. We know that there is a global demand for our services. We are working to expand our business.

Use the waybill order option (DPD, DHL) on the Doctor Pods website and we will generate a waybill for you. Alternatively, you can send it yourself to our office address:
Doctor Pods
Poznanska 5b
62-081 Przezmierowo

Remember to send us the headphones themselves without the charging case.

The cost of delivery offered by us is 18 PLN gross within Poland. If you purchase service from other European Union countries the cost of the service is displayed in the shopping cart after selecting the country of delivery. If you want to send the package personally, the shipping cost of your AirPods depends on the carrier. Return shipping with refurbished headphones is included in the service price.

We usually ship the headphones the same day we receive the package you sent to us. You can usually expect your headphones to arrive within 3-5 business days.

No, keep them on hand when the refurbished AirPods arrive. Sync with your original case and enjoy full battery life.

Qualifying for AirPods battery replacement

We accept 1st and 2nd generation AirPods.

To be eligible for a replacement, your AirPods must be substantially functional (i.e. turn on and connect to the device) for us to replace the battery. Our AirPods replacement will not fix issues related to the charging case (water damage, mechanical damage, etc.) If your current pair of AirPods works with the charging case, you should choose the Doctor Pods replacement service.

AirPods, which are not eligible for replacement:

  • Water damaged AirPods;
  • AirPods not turning on or not connecting to the device;
  • AirPods have a crackling sound;
  • AirPods are cracked, with deep visible damage to the case.

AirPods, which qualify :

  • Battery performance issues in one or two handsets;
  • frequent disconnections related to the battery;
  • normal wear and tear visible on the housing is acceptable.

To determine the generation of AirPods you own press here.

You can, but you'll get two AirPods in return. To do so, select an exchange option AirPods battery replacement service - 2 for 1.
We do not offer single headphone replacements as a 1-on-1 option.

Play music for 5 minutes with the volume set to 65%. Check how much the battery charge has dropped compared to the table below:

Percentage of battery charge loss Battery health Approximate performance
Decrease of 2-3% Good or nearly new Plays music for 4.5 hours or provides about 2 hours of phone conversation
Decrease by 5-10% Average Plays music for 1-2 hours or provides 25 to 50 minutes of phone conversation.
Decrease of more than 15% Bad Play music for less than 30 minutes or allow for about 10 minutes of phone conversation. AirPods may intermittently disconnect from your phone at any time during use.

  • Umieść AirPods w etui ładującym z otwartą pokrywą;
  • Turn off the automatic ear detection function;
  • Call or play music. If they don't hang up, the likely problem is dead batteries. It's time for a replacement!

Yes, AirPods with serial number 1 are replacement units that you will receive when you replace your existing AirPods directly from Apple. You may have previously requested a warranty against defects or had them replaced under AppleCare.

Warratny claims

Our products come with a 90-day warranty against defects in AirPods and their quality.
If you notice that your AirPods are having battery issues such as short battery life, please contact us and we will be happy to help and replace your AirPods at no additional cost.