AirPods battery replacement


Choose which generation of AirPods you want to replace.
Send us your old 1st or 2nd generation AirPods (do not include charging case).
We will send you a pair of AirPods with a new battery.

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It's easier than you think!

-Send us your two old AirPods requiring battery replacement,
- We will send you a pair of Apple AirPods with a new battery within 1-2 business days,
- For your safety, the headphones have been disinfected at an industrial level.

We provide a 90-day warranty on batteries and workmanship*.

* The AirPods we receive are undergoing a refresh, so the replacement units may show minor scratches and other minor imperfections due to normal use.

Please note that if the charging case does not work (due to flooding, corrosion, etc.), replacement AirPods will not solve the problems.

If your device has iOS 14 or later, try this method:

- Select Settings > Bluetooth;
- Find your AirPods on the list;
- Tap the information button next to the AirPods;
- Read the model number.

Don't have iOS 14 or can't find the number according to the instructions above? Try this:

- Connect AirPods to your device;
- Select Settings > General > About;
- Find your AirPods on the list (make sure the case lid is open);
- Tap and find the model number.

Recognize the AirPods generation.

The 1st generation AirPods are models A1523 and A1722 (the 1st generation charging case is model A1602);
The 2nd generation AirPods are the A2032 and A2031 models.

If you need our help, contact us.

Qualifying AirPods for battery replacement:

Determine if the problem of AirPods frequently discharging and disconnecting from the iPhone is due to battery life.
Here's a quick way to determine if the discharge and disconnect problem is due to low battery life:

Step 1: Place the AirPods in the charger and do not close it.

step 1


Step 2: Turn off automatic ear detection.


Step 3: Make a call or turn music on to see if a disconnect occurs.

If the device has not disconnected, it means that the cause is the battery condition and the AirPods are suitable for replacement.


Determine the battery life of your AirPods:

Play music for 5 minutes with the volume set to 65%.
Check how much the battery charge has dropped by compared to the table below:

Percentage of battery charge loss Battery health Approximate performance
Decrease of 2-3% Good or nearly new Plays music for 4.5 hours or provides about 2 hours of phone conversation
Decrease by 5-10% Average Plays music for 1-2 hours or provides 20 to 50 minutes of phone time
Decrease of more than 15% Bad It plays music for less than 30 minutes or allows for about 10 minutes of phone conversation. AirPods may intermittently disconnect from your phone at any time during use.


Exchange Restrictions:

- The charging case for the headphones is not exchangeable,
- Only original headphones can be exchanged (headphones that do not form a pair /especially those that are different models/ are not accepted),
- We do not exchange non-original, damaged headphones (e.g. with defective speaker, microphone, bluetooth), flooded or having mechanical damage (except for normal signs of use).