Shipping and delivery

Shipping and delivery

How much does shipping cost?

You can check the cost of the shipment offered by us here. If you wish to ship in person, the cost of shipping your AirPods depends on the carrier. Shipping of refurbished headphones is included in the service price.

How do I send back my old AirPods?

Use the option to pay for your shipment on Doctor Pods and we'll arrange for a courier to come to you (you don't need to print a waybill, a courier will bring it to you) or ship it in person.

When I will receive my new AirPods?

We ship your refurbished headphones the same day we receive the package you sent us. You can usually expect your headphones to arrive within 2 days.

Can I send a charging case?

Do not include a charging case. Send AirPods alone.